Fasera and C-Twelve Trial Biochar For Paving

Over the last three months, Fasera and C-Twelve have been trialling the production of char from waste grain and plastics, to be used as part of C-Twelve’s innovative emulsion-based road base solution.
Around Australia, the small percentage of grain dust and sweeps from our agricultural industries add up to thousands of tonnes per year. Tarps used to cover the modern bunk stores have a finite life, with both products having previously ended up in landfill.

Pyrloysing a mix of the two products provides C-Twelve with a biochar that is suited to their cold mix paving solution, effectively creating carbon negative solutions for road surfacing, while building stronger roads.

For example, one study found that the addition of biochar to cold mix road surfacing improved the mechanical properties of the mixture, and reduced the amount of asphalt binder required by up to 25 percent.

Fasera and C-Twelve have established a working partnership that will continue to provide Fasera Char to C-Twelve for this breakthrough paving solution.