Meet The Team

Danny Fakhre

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Danny Fakhre is a highly successful business proprietor and entrepreneur with diversified global interests spanning agriculture, real estate, hospitality, shipping and infrastructure development.
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Steve Meerwald

Director and Chief Operating Officer

Steve has been involved in agri business since 1978, including in a variety of roles with a major agri-export enterprise for 30 years, culminating his nine year tenure as Managing Director between 2004 - 2013.
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Mike Walter

Non Executive Director

With more than 40 years of agri-business experience, Mike joined Fasera in 2008 after holding several senior executive positions in the rural banking industry.
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Tim Munro

Chief Financial Officer

Tim is a Chartered Accountant with over nine years’ experience working in multi-national companies and international accounting practices.
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Richard Leitch

Operations Manager

Richard’s life-time pursuits are in the agricultural industry, extending from his childhood in New Zealand on a dairy farm on the South Island, to sheep stations in the highlands and horticultural enterprises on the North Island.
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Garry Robinson

International Livestock Consultant

Garry is an expert advisor in animal welfare, nutrition and husbandry with over 25 years’ experience in international agriculture and industries.
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Dan Wildy


As a professional forester, Eucalyptus kochii is Dan’s personal favourite, and most respected species of tree. Dan’s passion for the oil of Eucalyptus kochii stemmed from his involvement in the first oil production trial from the species after leaving school.
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Serena Fakhre

International Communications

An accomplished communications, marketing and business strategy specialist, Serena Fakhre has enjoyed a richly diverse career across international markets in disciplines including film and television public relations and media.
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Jodi Wildy

Consultant Botanist

Jodi has worked as a botanist undertaking flora surveys in the southwest and wheatbelt and loves being involved with projects that integrate trees and shrubs back into the landscape.
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James MacPhail

Technical Expert – Pyrolysis

Residing in the United Kingdom, James is an acknowledged global leader in the fields of CO2 removal through pyrolysis, negative emission technologies, regenerative agriculture and soil remediation through the use of biochar.
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Environmental, Social and Governance

At Fasera, we carefully consider environmental, social and governance priorities and ensure that they are at the forefront of our strategy and business investment decisions.
Through our circular and regenerative carbon capture and harvesting system, we strive to achieve environmental sustainability for our operations and to build strong ecosystems and resilient lands for the future. By planting locally endemic trees on lands that have become degraded through other uses, we create opportunities for land and ecosystem regeneration, habitat recreation for wildlife to flourish, and the stabilisation and replenishment of soils to enhance food production. Through this process we have found a sustainable and effective way to capture and store carbon for generations, whilst also rebuilding and enhancing our soils and the natural ecosystem.


  • Managing and reducing atmospheric Carbon
  • Changing the impacts of farming practices to improve the health of land and environment
  • Flora and fauna corridors
  • Sustainable production (resource circularity)
  • Generational sequestration >100 years
  • Traceability and accountability
  • Life Cycle Assessed operations for continuous reduction in carbon outputs
  • Regenerative broadacre practices
  • Certified Organic Production at Newland
  • Recycled water
  • Zero waste process


  • Employee OH&S systems
  • Supporting employment opportunities and local businesses in regional communities


  • Risk-mitigation and insurance
  • Audit and assurance
  • Business ethics
  • Board of Directors and executive team structure

What we do

We carefully select the location, planting, ongoing harvest cycles, biomass regeneration and processing for our mallee oil plantations to generate increasing yields of sustainable and high quality environmentally beneficial products for diverse applications in agribusiness, industrial and personal settings.