Carbon Credits

A carbon credit is a certificate which independently verifies carbon capture and sequestration and can be used as an offset by a company emitting CO2 or equivalent greenhouse gases. Globally, governments are imposing requirements to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions and companies are using carbon credits to help offset emissions they can’t reduce.

Fasera’s product offerings include Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) and CO2 Reduction Certificates (CORCs).

  • CORCs are certificates that independently verify carbon sequestration and which can be used by companies to offset to their CO2 emissions, or the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • ACCUs are a financial instrument that represents the avoidance or removal of one tonne of CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere through either emissions reduction or carbon sequestration.

Our Process

Fasera produce the highest quality carbon credits through two verified processes:
  1. We have produced and sold Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) since 2010. Carbon is captured and sequestered through our registered projects - estates of native tree plantations in Environmental Plantings. Fasera receives ACCU credits from the Australian Clean Energy Regulator which are subject to regular audit and assurance verification. Carbon credits are determined through regular offset reports which provide extensive project data. Our ACCUs are highly sought after due to the high standards of quality, assurance transparency and carbon sequestration verification. In addition, our process also provides other benefits including landscape regeneration and natural ecosystem/environmental renewal.
  2. Each tonne of biochar produced by Fasera results in the capture of 3.7 mt gross of CO2 from the atmosphere. By converting spent biomass from eucalyptus oil distillation to biochar, we convert what was atmospheric carbon in biomass into ‘recalcitrant’ carbon in biochar - which resists decomposition and remains stable in soil for generations. Each tonne of biochar produced generates gross credits of 3.7 Mt of CO2 credits. Net credits are determined by reconciling our own production process emissions and the level of organic carbon content in our biochar with gross credits under a methodology developed and administered by NASDAQ-owned PURO Earth

Watch our production process

The generation of audited, assured and verified carbon credits for use by greenhouse gas emitters represents just one element of the integrated portfolio of products we’ve developed.

How to purchase

At Fasera we grow, harvest and process biomass from oil mallee tree plantations. The growth of our oil mallee plantations is effective in capturing atmospheric carbon, through photosynthesis, in plant biomass, including in the mallee roots. The harvest and pyrolysis of biomass produces a range of products including biochar. The capture and sequestration of carbon through these processes generates ACCUs and CORCs which can be purchased as a carbon offset. If you are interested in the generation or the acquisition/purchase of carbon offsets in any capacity, please contact us via our enquiry form.