Oil Production

Our oil has a very high cineole (eucalyptol) content due to the unique qualities of our oil mallees and very low levels of impurities due to the temperature controlled steam distillation process we use to extract oil.

The Production Process

Green biomass harvested from our oil mallee tree plantations is chipped and transported to our distillery and steam distilled to extract eucalyptus oil. The steam temperature during distillation is carefully controlled at between 90°C and 100°C to ensure that oil is of the highest quality. Steam distillation results in higher oil yields, reduces the occurrence of oil impurities and minimises the loss of polar compounds compared to using hydro-distillation or solvent extraction techniques to produce oil. Once extracted, our eucalyptus oil is packaged or processed in-house into our wide range of products.
Currently, we sell about 95% of our eucalyptus oil products in bulk to Australian and international customers. Our remaining sales are to retail consumers through our dedicated www.kochiioil.com.au.

100% Australian Eucalyptus Oils

Our sales of higher value oils to individual retail customers are growing rapidly. We are progressing plans to construct Australia’s first essential oil rectification tower at our Canterbury Farm, Kulja to produce eucalyptus essential oil/eucalyptol from our extracted eucalyptus oil.