Environmental, Social and Governance

  • Managing the capture, sequestration and reduction of atmospheric carbon
  • Sustainable production (resource circularity)
  • Traceability, authenticity and accountability in eucalyptus oil, biochar and wood vinegar production and quality control
  • Zero waste process
  • Equal employment and pay opportunities in our regional communities
  • Environmental enhancement and ecosystem renewal of degraded farmlands

What We Do


We plant mallee trees and other eucalypts which are native to Australia, making them perfectly suited and highly adapted for vigorous and healthy growth in the arid environment and high summer temperatures of the region.


Mature tree trunks are sheared at ground level. Coppicing is the regrowth from the lignotuber which increases biomass and carbon capture from each tree. A sustainable harvesting technique, coppicing regenerates ongoing, indefinite harvests and allows simpler/improved harvesting.

Oil Production

We use traditional steam distillation to extract oil from green oil mallee biomass to produce purer oil at a higher yield than compared to hydro distillation or solvent extraction techniques. Our oil is then simply packaged for sale.


Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition - or burning/charring - of mallee tree biomass at high temperatures in an inert and relatively anaerobic, or oxygen-free environment. Spent plant biomass - biomass left over from the steam distillation process to produce oil and biomass from the trunk and branches of mature trees - is pyrolysed to produce a range of products.

(Carbon Credits)

Fasera produces Australian Carbon Credit Units, or ACCU’s - financial instruments awarded to eligible carbon projects by the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator- from our registered plantations. We sell ACCUs to companies seeking to offset the carbon emissions that they cannot reduce.

(Carbon Credits)

Our biochar production generates compliant CORCs which are traded in international carbon offset markets. We are continuing work with our consultants to achieve the necessary accreditations to issue CORCs.

Get involved

Whether you are an investor, a farmer or a wholesale purchaser, contact our team to learn how you can get involved or how we can partner to create a sustainable and valuable relationship.

Our Solutions

Fasera's process for carbon capture/sequestration begins with the planting of oil mallee seedlings. The maturing trees are harvested after about five years and these trees coppice ensuring biomass regeneration and ongoing carbon capture within root systems and the regrowth. The process provides sustainable outcomes with increasing biomass and a continuous and unending harvest cycle for centuries. Our product range for wholesale and retail markets comprises eucalyptus oil, biochar, wood vinegar and carbon credits.


Carbon Credits

Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) represent the avoidance or removal of 1 tonne of CO2 equivalent. They are a financial instrument, awarded to eligible carbon projects. We’re developing accreditation to also generate CO2 Reduction Certificates (CORCs) from our Biochar.



A highly adsorbent carbon substance produced by the pyrolysis of our mallee tree biomass. The biomass used is the trunk and branches as well as that left over from steam distillation to produce our eucalyptus oil.


Wood Vinegar

A dark brown liquid produced by the destructive distillation of wood, smoke and other organic materials through pyrolysis. Possesses many agricultural and environmental applications.


Eucalyptus Oil

Green oil mallee biomass is processed by traditional steam methods for oil extraction to produce higher oil yields with less impurities compared to hydro-distillation or solvent extraction.